Turismo Getxo, ruta de pintxos


Do as the locals do… that’s exactly what we suggest. Get to know the traditions and daily life of Getxo locals firsthand: leisure, lifestyle, gastronomy…

Discovering different ways of life, this is what we all want from travel. Getting to know what marks the difference beetween people, cultures and countries.

Gastronomy is an exceptionally important part of culture, every culture, but for us even more so. Because everything revolves around good food…


The “pintxo” is a specialty of Basque cuisine, where an appetizer is usually enjoyed with a glass of white wine called “txakoli”, red wine “txikito”, or a short glass of beer called “zurito”.

In contrast with the “tapa”, often included with a drink in some bars in the rest of de Spain, the pintxo is ordered separately and is usually larger. Cold pintxos are those normally available right at the bar, where you can help yourself or order from the server, paying after you´ve finished. Hot pintxos are ordered from the server, who either heats something from the bar or puts in a request with the kitchen.

Originally the ingredients layed on bread can be just about anything but are mostly the essentials of Basque cooking: fish (hake, cod, anchovies, “gulas”…) tortilla, stuffed sweet peppers, croquettes, etc.

Nevertheless, thanks to the abundance of young chefs in the Basque Country graduating from haute cuisine schools and restaurants, we are getting used to more and more sophisticated pintxos, which means constant innovation and new recipes. Bars full of traditional pintxos and exotic miniature cuisine happily side by side to enjoy!.

The “Pinxto Pote” is actually a recent development. It´s the basque equivalent of the Happy hour
where a pintxo and a drink are sold together, for a very reasonable price. We go from bar to bar, trying different pintxos according to the specialty of each establishment.

Would you like to come along and discover the very best pintxos in Las Arenas and Algorta? 😉

Good for:

Family and friends





Guide, 4 Pintxos and drinks

Minimum guests per reservation: 2

Tours begin at: 13:00 and 19:30


2 days in advance, all year round


Spanish, English

Pintxo Walking Tour

2-3 people: 45€ per person

4-8 people: 35€ per person

9 or more people: 30€ per person

*Reservations must be made at least 2 days in advance

Where to stay in Getxo?

  • Hotel El Embarcadero ****
    Tel. 944 803 100
  • Hotel Petit Palace Tamarises ***
    Tel. 944 915 092
  • Hotel Igeretxe Agustín ***
    Tel. 944 910 009
  • Hotel Artaza **
    Tel. 944 912 852
    www.hotelartaza.comHotel Neguri **
    Tel. 944 910 509
  • Hotel Maitena *
    Tel. 944 062 818
  • Pensión Areeta *
    Tel. 944 638 136
  • Pensión Basagoiti *
    Tel. 944 607 975 / 608 577 446
  • Pensión Salsidu 21 *
    Tel. 944 302 476 / 639 65 20 07
  • Getxo Apartamentos
    Tel. 669 006 125

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